1) Clothing for 5 Days

As a general guideline, pack no more than five days’ worth of clothing, especially in dark, neutral colors that coordinate nicely. You can always pack a lighter in exchange for a lighter bag, but at the expense of additional laundry runs.

To conserve even more room, I often alternate between two pairs of jeans (and sometimes one pair of shorts for warmer days) – they last a long time between washes!

2) 1 Dressier Club Clothes Set

If you want to party at any point during your vacation, carrying a single outfit of nightclub gear will be enough.

3) Robust Walking Shoes

While we all want to look beautiful in our Instagram photographs, backpacking entails a significant amount of walking. Singaporeans who travel for the first time frequently are unaware of this because everything is so close to us.

It’s worsened further if you’re traveling to Europe, where public transportation is expensive and attractions are often concentrated in one region. While rugged and waterproof hiking shoes are preferable, sneakers that you don’t mind wearing out or getting dirty can perform just as well while remaining pretty attractive. Having said that, don’t forget to carry a sufficient quantity of socks-around four to five pairs.

4) Fashionable Club Shoes

If you’re packing light, look for shoes that are both comfortable to stroll in and dressy enough for the clubs. Alternatively, avoid clubbing altogether.

5) Slacks

If you’re sleeping in hostels, slippers are a necessity near the showers and other communal areas!

6) Nightgowns or pyjamas

For those who want to sleep more comfortably and/or do not wish to crumple their daywear, carry a set or two of pyjamas—I often opt for big shirts and warm sweatpants.

7) Toiletry Bag (with Toiletries) on a Hook

While hanging toiletry bags may appear to be a money-making scheme designed to take advantage of travelers, their primary benefit for long-term travel is their aerating capabilities—imagine having moisture trapped in a completely sealed ziplock bag for lengthy periods of time. Yuck!

Apart from a breathable bag, it’s important to choose one that prevents spills from leaking out. Additionally, you have the extra convenience of remaining organized, as well as a hanger to avoid placing it on unclean surfaces. You may purchase it here.

8) A Microfiber Travel Towel

Budget hostels seldom give complimentary bath towels, so always bring one with you. Microfibre towels are incredibly compact and quick to dry. You may even take them to the beach with you.

9) Personal Grooming Needs (Retainers, Contact Lenses, and so on)

On a two-week trip, I once failed to pack my retainers—oh, the misery! What’s worse, if the journey is longer than a month?

Never forget to pack your glasses, contact lenses, and other eyewear, especially if you won’t be able to get replacements while you’re on the road.

10) Travel Detergent

It’s a no-brainer to do laundry on the fly, and travel detergents in compact, easy-to-pack tubes are readily available. Alternatively, you can store liquid or powdered detergent in plastic bottles from your house (an army trick, heh).

While we’ve never had a problem washing in the sink, you may want to consider getting a sink stopper in case you find yourself washing in sinks that lack one.

11) Multipurpose Ointments (e.g., Vaseline, Papaw)

You don’t appreciate how much Singapore’s balmy humidity protects your skin until you visit a country with a dry (and occasionally freezing) environment. Always have body lotion on hand to use at least once a day, and lip balm on hand at all times—chapped lips hurt far more than you believe!

12) Hairspray

For people who travel on sleeper trains, which sometimes don’t have showers, dry shampoo can make the trip a lot easier by preventing their hair from getting too oily.

13) Make-up/Facial Remover Wipes

While on the run, washing up is significantly easier by using face wipes. You can also use make-up remover wipes to do two things at the same time. After a long day, they can both freshen your face and remove your makeup.

Additionally, you avoid carrying additional cotton wool with the bottled liquid versions—not a good idea if you’re not checking baggage!


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