To begin, let us define what an outdoor adventure guide is. An outdoor adventure guide is someone who leads and teaches people how to do things like hiking, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, skiing, caving, and mountain biking in the outdoors.

However, it is a varied occupation that can take many forms. While some prefer to work half-day jobs in their own backyard, others prefer to spend a couple of months in an exotic area guiding a complete expedition. Some work for adventure tourism corporations, while others are self-employed.

How do I become a guide for outdoor adventures?

Choose your sector and improve your skills

Typically, an outdoor adventure guide is a specialist in a certain field. Are you drawn to a particular outdoor sport, such as climbing, mountaineering, or skiing? Concentrate all of your focus on honing those skills and becoming an expert in that field. The majority of firms would choose to hire a highly-skilled rock climber who is bad at rafting over someone who is “just okay” at both.

Become certified

To work in the outdoor business, you will need to obtain certain qualifications or certificates, which may vary based on the activity and environment in which you will be instructing. A backcountry skier must obtain an avalanche certification, a rock climber must obtain a rock leader qualification, a rafter must obtain a white water rescue certification, and so on. You should do some research and talk to people in your chosen field to find out what certifications you need to work there.

Apart from these activity-specific credentials, an International Wilderness First Aid Certificate is always useful, as it is a necessity for the majority of outdoor professions. A Guiding Certification is also a good thing because it shows that you have been trained in group leadership and can handle different types of group dynamics.

Taking tests will help you improve your knowledge.

Avoid confining your knowledge to a single discipline. Customers prefer to rate their outdoor experience higher when their guide is knowledgeable about the area, so educate yourself about the local wildlife and flora, history, and geology. In particular, if you intend to guide in a particular national park, it would pay to conduct some research and become acquainted with the landscape. Local tourism businesses will be impressed if you apply with this abundance of information!

Achieve Experience

As with any profession, hiring managers in the outdoor tourist business value prior experience. They are more interested in guides who have been trained and have a lot of experience in the outdoors, so they are more likely to ask about your personal and professional history during a job interview.

If you lack professional experience, it’s a good idea to compile a list of personal travel experiences to demonstrate that you possess the requisite skills for the position. Keep track of all your personal outdoor trips in a diary that includes the locations and durations of the activities.

The Outdoor Instructor Program is ideal for people interested in pursuing a career in outdoor guiding. It combines education and certification with an internship and hands-on experience in the outdoor business. You’ll end up with an amazing resume for adventure guiding!

Apply for a Guiding Job

After acquiring all of the necessary knowledge and abilities to work as an outdoor adventure guide, it’s time to begin networking, constructing your resume, and applying for outdoor employment! Ensure that your CV includes all relevant experience, such as qualifications and significant travel experience.

Once you’ve landed your first job interview, make sure to emphasize not only your technical abilities, but also your soft skills and desire to teach others. To find good mentors, hiring managers are always on the lookout for people who are good at resolving conflicts and communicating effectively while staying calm under stress.

Pure Exploration offers year-round programs to destinations such as Iceland, Nepal, and New Zealand. We are constantly on the hunt for skilled technical instructors to ensure the seamless and safe operation of our programs.


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