Inspiring Solo Female Travelers for Over a Decade

It was started in 2009 to fill a gap in the online travel market. There was virtually little information available at the time for female solo travelers. If you are thinking about going on a solo trip, you need someone who can speak for you and give you good advice.

The community of women traveling alone has grown in size since then. At one point, the ladies discovered Solo Traveler via a Google search for “is it strange to travel alone?” That question just does not arise anymore. Women frequently travel alone. However, not everyone finds it easy to begin.

We receive letters every week from women embarking on their first solo trip. It’s an honor to meet them and discover how Solo Traveler assisted them on their adventure. I hope you find this site, the many posts aimed at women and those aimed at everyone, the Deals page, our newsletter, and the Wits & Wonder Travel Course to be equally useful to you. This is what I mean.

Why Do Women Travel Alone?

The Solo Travel Society has approximately 230,000 Facebook fans; 63% of them are female. According to a survey, 65 percent of women in the United States vacation alone. This corresponds to my personal experience. In my experience, women travel solo significantly more frequently than males. In one instance, I was on a train in India and noticed four female single passengers sitting in a row. A British national, a Canadian national, and two Americans.

My Top Ten Tips for Female Solo Travelers

We are occasionally requested to condense our top suggestions for women traveling alone. Here they are, taken from our articles on how to travel alone as a woman, how to travel safely as a woman, and how to live like a woman.

With Intent, choose your destination.

Simply by comprehending why you want to travel where you want to vacation, you can improve your trip experience. Excavate. While the initial inspiration may have originated from a book you read or a film you saw, there is undoubtedly more to the narrative. Understanding your purpose for traveling and what drew you to the destination will result in a more enriching travel experience. You might also be interested in reading the 2019 Shortlist of the Best Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers.

Make a good plan for your first night.

At the very least, ensure that you have a place to stay on the first night of each stop on your journey and aim to arrive by mid afternoon. It’s critical to provide enough time to discover your hotel or hostel during daylight hours and to leave if you determine that this is not the right place for you. 

Consider only the bare needs.

Solo travel does necessitate attention to detail. When you think about how the practical parts of your trip, from leaving to transportation and lodging, work together, you won’t have to worry as much. However, refrain from envisioning what the trip will be like at that moment. Without a specific destination in mind, it’s impossible to travel. The less you are driven by specific expectations, the more you will be able to enjoy your trip now. Continue reading Solo Travel. Conscious Travel.

Pack sparingly.

If you pack light, you’ll save money and increase your mobility. It takes a little more forethought to create a wardrobe that spans hiking boots to high heels, but it is possible. Choose a foundation color (black, brown, beige, navy), a contrast color (white, beige…), and one or two accent colors to tie everything together. Take a look at Bare Minimum Packing: Your Packing List Is Attached.

Keep your lodgings to yourself.

Your lodging is a haven of safety. Tell no one about your whereabouts.If they inquire, it’s natural to be evasive. Read: Solo Travel Safety: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You are not compelled to eat alone.

There are numerous ways to entertain guests over dinner, ranging from cooking lessons to day tours to themed meals. Read Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean Eating Alone for more information.

Safeguard your documents, credit cards, and cash.

Keep up the security of your passport and other vital documents. Maintain backup copies of yourself and at your trusted contact’s residence. 

Make friends with other female travelers.

You can make acquaintances with women from all over the world. My preferred method is to stay in hostels. Sleeping with Strangers: The Hostel Experience and Women Welcoming Women: A Path to International Friendships are both worth reading.

Allow yourself a break from technology.

Women live hectic lifestyles. To truly unwind, you may wish to abstain from social media for a time. A break from screens and technology, both of which may be extremely addicting, will assist you in fully discovering yourself. Transformed is available on The Ghan.

Maintain a local presence, purchase locally, and interact with locals.

By planning well, you will learn more about how to help the local economy. Purchase local goods, consume local food, and stay in locally-owned lodging to ensure that revenues stay in the country. Additionally, while you’re doing all of this, make connections with locals. 


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